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  • Holly Colby

Case Study 1: Decluttering for Home Sale

Updated: Oct 26, 2023

Project Background:

We were brought in to help an elderly couple prepare their 2600 square foot home (plus basement, wine cellar, and garage) so that it could be listed for sale before the winter months when the real estate market slows down. This sale would also allow the client the ability to move into a Senior Living Community. The owner of the home, 91, built the home over 35 years ago. His companion, 88, has lived with him in the home for the last 15 years.

The goal was to help organize, sort and declutter belongings to help maximize profits of the sale of the home. The secondary goal was to help prepare our clients to ease the transition on them and their families when they moved into Senior Living.

We worked very closely with the real estate agent to determine a reasonable schedule to have the home 'stage ready.' Stage ready meant that the house was free of clutter and ready for photography. We had about a month to get the house stage ready. (scroll for photos)

Timing: 1 Month + 1 Week / 5 Weeks

The first two weeks we spent clearing the home out of old, broken or unusable items. Items that we were unable to give away or donate. Items of value were noted and we starting selling (this is ongoing). Because the clients were still living in the home, we had dedicated another full week to organizing the personal itemsWe packed what we could, we helped the client decide what to donate, what to sell and what to throw away. The last 2 weeks were dedicated to more minor decluttering and donations as well as a whole home deep clean and light interior painting.

The final week prior to listing was dedicated to the Real Estate process: Staging, minor fixes in the home (replacing light bulbs, removing the items the client needed since they lived there), and for photography to show the true beauty of the home.

Services We Provided:

  • Coordinating with Family members

  • Decluttering

  • Packing

  • Minor Interior Painting

  • Disposal/dispersement of items

  • Vendor management

  • Sale of personal items of value

  • Cleaning services

The End Result (scroll for before and after photos):

Once the real estate agent completed her process and had the home photographed she listed the home. The home was listed on a Wednesday, she had several showings on the home and an open house that weekend. They had 2 offers on the home by Sunday, one of which was accepted. The house sold in under a week.

If we hadn't been brought in to clean out the house and work in partnership with the real estate agent, I don't know that this couple would have had the outcome they had.

You'll see below we used some of the real estate listing photos because they are simply beautiful and highlight how a declutter can beautify a home. We did all of the work within each of those rooms to help them shine the way they do.


Before and After

Wine Cellar


Basement Before

Basement After


Entertainment Room Before


Entertainment Room After (photos courtesy of listing agent)


Living Room Before

Living Room After (photos courtesy of listing agent)



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