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  • Holly Colby

Moving Company, Moving Pod or Do It Yourself? Which is the best for your move?


Moving Truck
Moving Day

Moving can be overwhelming, especially when you’re trying to move while balancing all the other priorities in life.

I’m often asked: “Should we hire a moving company or get a moving pod?” And sometimes people just think it’s cheaper to move themselves.

Well, there are some considerations when looking at one method over the other. Of course, budget is important in that decision making process, but going by budget alone, you might be caught unprepared – which may have a financial impact. People typically don’t move that often and forget how many moving pieces there are just to move and are often caught unprepared.

We want to make sure that you have all the information you need to make that decision, so we’ve gone head and summarized some considerations for you. Before making your decision, think about all the less-than-obvious questions that will eventually come up.

1. What is the budget for your move?

2. Do you have a budget for supplies (boxes, shrink wrap, tape, etc)?

3. How much time between do you have before your move date?

4. Are there other commitments between now and your move that will impact your ability to pack up your home by your move date?

5. Are you physically able to lift your boxes and furniture once everything is packed?

6. How many flights of stairs do you have to carry your possessions up/down?

7. Do you have support from friends and family to help with your move?

8. Is your destination immediate or will you require storage as part of your move?

9. Are permits required to accommodate your move?

10. Will you need to take time off to pack/unpack, or be present for your move?

11. If people are helping you, are they required to take time off from work to help you? Are they reliable or might you be caught with no help the day of your move?

Man and Woman Lifting a Chair Upstairs
Friends Helping Friends Move In

Please keep in mind these are only a few questions that you should consider when deciding on what path to take for moving. There are so many more things to consider! When you have the answers to the above, you will be better positioned to decide on your moving options.

Moving truck backed up to home
Your Moving Solution

1. Traditional Moving Company: This option will save you a significant amount of time (and stress on your back) by reducing your physical effort. This will also provide set dates, which will force the completion of tasks. The fees are generally built into the overall cost of the move, so you won’t be paying out of pocket for tolls, gas, permits, etc. In Massachusetts, moving companies are required to offer insurance for your home goods, but there is always the option to buy additional insurance.

2. Self Retained Rental Truck (i.e. U-Haul): This is the most cost-efficient of the options to consider when moving. However, you will be responsible for all the loading and unloading of the truck. This option offers flexibility when you’ll need to pick up and drop off the truck. This option is obviously labor intensive, unless you hire people to move it for you, which in the end may not be as cost efficient given those folks wouldn’t be insured. And with this option, you’ll be responsible for out-of-pocket tolls, gas, permits, etc. If you’re required to obtain a permit where you’re moving to (usually for city moves), you’ll be responsible to find a company that will help you get those or simply go to the city you’re moving to and get the permit yourself. My Advice: Buy Insurance for your possessions.

3. Moving pod (i.e. PODS, U-Pack, etc): This option provides you with the most flexibility and can be cost efficient if moving interstate. You can pack over time and put your belongings in the moving pod over time. However, you are still responsible for the lifting of your boxes and furniture. This is ideal if you are moving interstate, have some time before your items are delivered to your new home. Just remember to lock up your pod with a heavy-duty lock. All costs are accounted for in the rental of the moving pod except for insurance of your personal belongings. My advice? Buy the insurance.

Also, remember that the packing and moving is only part of your process when buying/selling a home downsizing or "rightsizing" or simply putting your belongings in storage so you can travel the world. I'll write more on those other moving parts in another blog.

I will end with this. If you find yourself pressed for time, lacking in support, overwhelmed with the process or simply need help navigating any other part of this process, we are here to help. Contact Us today for a free estimate and to discuss how we can help make your life easier by managing your move.


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